Academic Achievement Scholarships and Awards

Apprentice Scholarship

We are pleased to offer Apprentice Scholarships for undergraduate, community college, trade school or Skilled certification programs for the 2019-2020 academic school year.

Scholarships will be awarded to successful candidates who have met all requirements and after final selection by the scholarship committee.  The list of requirements are mandatory in order to be considered for an award. Please read this information carefully and provide all required documentation.

Use the list located to the right to ensure a completed application is submitted.

There are no exceptions to the requirements.

Only online applications will be accepted.

Incomplete application packets will not be reviewed. Any application that does not comply with all procedures and requirements will automatically be declined.

The application deadline is May 14, 2020.Any Application materials postmarked after the deadline will not be accepted.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Scholarship checks will be mailed directly to the College/University.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify the Saint Paul’s Community Foundation of any changes in your College/ University status and the correct College/ University Student ID #.


If you have questions, please contact us via email at or leave a message at (804) 643-6170 ext. 404.
Applications must be submitted online. All additional information may
be forwarded via mail.

Scholarship Committee
Saint Paul’s Community Foundation
4247 Creighton Road
Richmond, VA 23223-7344

A sealed official transcript showing you have maintained a minimum 2.5 GPA or proficiency status as defined by your program (please request a transcript at least one week prior to the application due date)

Two (2) LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION. Recommendation letters must be from a school official, community or civic leader, church official or extracurricular activity sponsor and must be on official organization letterhead hand-signed and with the current school year. Recommendation letters cannot be from a relative and must come directly from the writer via mail or their professional email address. All emails should be sent to

A resume or personal statement must be uploaded with your application. Your personal statement must include your career aspirations. This statement must not exceed one page and must be typed.

A 1 page double spaced essay response to one (1) of the following topics which must be uploaded with your application:
•Describe a time you have performed a good deed that help someone else. How did it make you feel? or
• What is your gift or talent and how do you use it to help others?